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Mar 24, 2020

Shana Jordan on Playing Above The Line

This week, you get to enjoy the musing of Oyster Shell Strategy owner, Shana Jordan! Learn why she started her own company and how she motivates her team to solve problems even in chaotic situations.


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Mar 20, 2020

Coronavirus and Schools on Playing Above The Line

In light of the major changes happening due to the coronavirus, Allen took some time to talk with Brewton City Schools Superintendent Dr. Kenneth Varner and Brewton Middle School Principal, Madelyn Cave, about leading through the unknown.

You'll get an inside look into how decisions were made, how learning and meals...

Mar 17, 2020

Josh Null on the Playing Above The Line podcast with Allen Cave

You're in for a treat this week! We've got another Deep Fried Studios podcaster with us. Josh Null of Gulf Coast Financial Advisors and Every Dollar Counts podcast talks with Allen about a major set-back propelled Josh's passion for offering financial services that protect and prepare others for expected and unexpected...

Mar 10, 2020

Chris May on Playing Above The Line Podcast

Owner of LTN Insurance, Chris May is our podcast guest of the week! Chris and Allen discuss the influences that lead Chris to start a company founded on the principles of servant leadership and caring for and loving others.



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Mar 3, 2020

Ira Bates on the Playing Above the Line Podcast with Allen Cave

Ira Bates is our guest of the week! A Community Development Director with The First Bank, Ira has an impressive background in serving the community. He shares a keen understanding of servant leadership and the importance of going with the flow.



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